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The Greater Las Vegas Academy believes in connecting with the families of our students to build lasting relationships for continued success. We embrace the idea that every child learns differently. In order to inspire their educational journey we use Howard Gardner’s approach to education, allowing each child to grow at their own pace. Our goal is to inspire children to enjoy a life-long learning endeavor. We develop a well-rounded child both at home and school. We use social media tools to connect with parents daily this continues the education at home. Parents stay up to date with daily understanding of what is presented in the classroom. The parents are able to access the same the curriculum as the teachers at Greater Las Vegas Academy at home. We understand the importance of a cohesive environment for children. We work with every family to ensure each child’s academic, social, and emotional success throughout their schooling experience.


Greater Las Vegas Academy was founded on the principle that every child has the right to pursue their dreams. We believe in every child’s ability to reach their potential with guided instruction from their teachers and playing with their friends. Our goal is to create an exciting environment that will inspire children to love learning. Interactive lessons are taught by highly trained educators. Pre-selected programs and materials create consistent results in each of our classrooms.  Children leave feeling empowered to overcome obstacles they meet. 

How We Teach:
To embrace the philosophy of Howard Gardner's model of  8 multiple intelligences through the curriculum and daily teaching practices
  • To motivate children to embrace the way they learn

  • To guide children in their educational development

  • To provide access to programs that  gives children a head start on learning

  • To foster curiosity, exploration, collaborative learning, and critical thinking skills

  • To help prepare children for a lifetime of success


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2170 E Maule Ave 

Las Vegas Nevada 89119

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