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Five Games to Play to Reinforce Phonics

Here are five games that can be played with students to reinforce their phonics skills:

  1. Sound Bingo: Create bingo cards with different words that contain specific phonemes. Call out the words and have students place markers on the corresponding squares. The first student to complete a line wins.

  2. Word Sort: Give students a list of words and have them sort them into categories based on their phoneme(s) (e.g. words that contain the "ai" sound). Students can work in pairs or small groups to complete the task.

  3. Phonics Charades: Students take turns acting out words that contain specific phonemes, and their classmates guess what the word is.

  4. Phonics Match: Cut out pictures and words that contain specific phonemes and have students match them. You can also create a memory game by laying out all the cards face down and having students take turns finding pairs.

  5. Word Building: Give students a set of letter cards and have them build as many words as they can that contain specific phonemes. They can work in pairs or small groups, and the group with the most words wins.

These games are fun and interactive ways for students to practice their phonics skills, and can help reinforce their understanding of the different phonemes and their sounds.

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