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Is it Time to Go Back to Work?

This is a question that we all struggle with after having a baby. When is it a good time to return to work? Many experts, friends, and family members will try to influence your decision based on their opinions. I designed three simple questions to ask yourself before jumping back into the workforce. If you answer yes, to all these questions it may be time to start looking into quality childcare for your little one.

Do you miss daily interactions with your co-workers and colleagues?

Do you wake up feeling unfulfilled and looking for more?

Do you miss the feeling of accomplishment at work?

Deciding how long to stay home after a baby is born is a personal decision that you should make with minimal influence. Missing friends, adult interactions, and feeling lonely are all normal parts of transitioning into a new role. If these feelings persist it may be time to consider going back to work and looking for quality care for your little one.

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