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3 Fun Ways to Teach Children How to Read Through Play

Children do not need to sit down and complete worksheets to learn how to read. Choose a few toys your child loves to play with and create a game. Here are some great ways to play and learn. Here are 3 easy ways to teach your child how to read.

1. Draw letters scrap paper and toss them around the room. Have your child drive a toy car to the different letters around the room. Name each letter and sound and even fuse the sounds together.

2. Play hide and seek with letters: Take turns counting to 10 and hiding a letter in the room. When you find the letter shout its name and sound.

3. Go Fishing for letters: Cut fish shapes from scrap paper and write letters on them. Place a paper clip where the mouth would be. Attach a magnet to a the end of a string off of a pole. Fish for letters and identify if they are vowels or consonants.

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